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Vintage Haiti: The Citadelle Laferriere


Re-posted from Diasporicroots

Built by Haiti to defend against a French invasion that never came, it’s one of the largest and beautiful fortresses in the Western hemisphere.

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Haitian History Repost: Some Of The Many Faces of 20th Century Haitian Women’s Activism


Haitian actisit 1Haitian actisit 2

This Vintage Haiti Thursday and i love this post from Haitian Histoey Tumblr.

Direct quote from  HaitianHistory:

Some of the many faces of 20th century Haitian women’s activism. From left to right: Emmeline Carries-Lemaire, Leonie Coicou-Madiou, Janine Lafontant-Nelson, Lydia Jeanty, Yvonne Hakime Rimpel and Madeleine Sylvain-Bouchereau. Dates Unknown. images: Courtesy of CIDIHCA.


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Vintage Haiti: ArtDream Tumblr: Mawon “Escaped Slave”


Picture Courtesy of Arty Dream Tumblr

Reposted from ArtDream Tumblr: Mawon Scaped Slave

Mawon is the Haitian Kreyòl word for maroon, meaning “escaped slave”.

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Kreyolicious Repost: How Haiti Helped Some Latino Countries Gain Independence & End Slavery


Here is a very education video from one of my favorite Haitian websites Kreyolicious:

In a past edition of Haiti History 101, Kreyolicious discussed the arrival of Simon Bolivar, Latin American leader and revolutionary on the coast of Aux Cayes in the mid-1810s. Bolivar came to seek Haiti’s help in freeing modern-day Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela from Spain.



Painting: Alexandra Barbot
Photos: Sandro Saldarriaga/ADN Colombia/El Tempo—Petion Monument photos
Narrator: Brian

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