Photos: Vintage Haiti 1900’s

A fire station in Port-au-Prince on Haiti’s famed Grand Rue, one of the busiest streets in the capital’s downtown area.

Le Grand Hôtel de France, a hotel in Port-au-Prince on Haiti’s Rue Bonne Foi, that was built during the presidency of president Tiresias Simon Sam. later the building was converted into a bank.

Haiti 1904. The city…Port-au-Prince. Haitian families, ever the devoted Catholics, are trotting over to a church procession.

This is the courtyard of a home in Haiti. The family dog lay down to sleep.

A typical street during that time.

A wharf in Haiti at this time, filled with business people.

A young woman stares as a photographer snaps this piece of daily life in Haiti in the 1900s.

A view of Haiti’s Marbial Valley, as it looked in the 30s, irrigated by the Gosseline River.

Above: Taken in 1919, this photo shows some Haitian women taking a stroll.

A MArket in Haiti

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