Cover LOve: Special Whitney Houston Commemorative Ebony Magazine Issue

Whitney is everywhere and it’s so interesting reading all these different articles about her and learning things I didnt know. Whitney Houston covers the Ebony Magazine Special commemorative issue for April 2012 click here to view a few archived photos of Whitney Houston from Ebony Magazine.

Bonus:  I just read that Whitney left everything to her pride and joy Bobbi Kristina.

The singer, 48, amended her will on April 14, 2000, leaving daughter Bobbi Kristina, now 19, everything in her  possession. Bobbi Kristina will inherit her mother’s money, furniture, clothing,  personal effects, jewelry and cars, according to a 19-page court document  obtained by Inside Edition. The money will be placed in a trust until Bobbi Kristina turns 21 in 2014. She  will receive additional money when she turns 25, and will be given access to the  rest of Houston’s fortune when she turns 30.
Read more:  – Read Here

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