New Music: Jay Z Newest Roc Princess Rita Ora: “Party And Bullsht”

Yesterday, rap mogul Jay Z introduced his newest sensation, Rita Ora, who was signed two years ago to the United States. Jay Z brought Rita to New York’s radio station Z100, where he premiered Rita’s new single “Party And Bullsht”.

Jay Z: “I have Miss Rita Ora,” Jay said as he raised a toast to her future success. “This is all very un-spontaneous for us,” he added. “We just came to see, you know, some great friends over here and play some music and you know. They liked what they heard and said, ‘Let’s just throw it on the air,’ which is great. I love that. That’s what radio is all about. It’s about a feeling, an emotion. It’s not about scheduling and planning. Let’s do it right now.”

Rita: “Hi, what’s up,” said Rita. “I’m from London, but I love America, so I’m usually here. I’m so excited.”

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