Watch [Full Show] of Beyonce Live At Roseland……

I really didnt care about watching this concert until I saw the two other clips Beyonce released last week.

Last night Vevo premiered Beyonce’s ‘Live At Roseland’ concert series which will be available at Walmart, on November 21st. The 26 song DVD is pegged Beyonce’s most personal to date as she takes fans on a journey from the beginning of her career, her days of Destiny’s Child to her present career as an international superstar. The hour and eighteen minute long video begins with a glimpse of Life through Beyonce’s eyes as she wakes up next to Jay-z in possibly a hotel room, glimpses of concerts and shoots, the IV on her ring finger, accompanied by her voiceover:

My Life goes by so fast. I was so busy thinking about the next shoot, the next video, the next single, the next tour that I couldn’t really reflect on the impact I was having on other human beings. My idea of success has completely changed. Whatever I do, it has to be something that is going to teach me about myself and something about life. – via necolebitchie

Go inside to watch the full version….

Watching her accomplishments made me feel like I need to be doing more with my life :).

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