Howard University Students Travel To Haiti During Spring Break

Howard student Christian Boyd working with a student at Coleman A. Young Elementary in Detroit. (Photo: Courtesy of Freedom Murphy)

There are always positive stories of the work the students are doing at Howard University, but hearing about how these students spent the spring break is truly inspiring.
According to
As the final weeks of the spring semester close out, students at Howard University are reminiscing on their transformative spring break memories. Instead of the typical party-driven retreats, a special group of students spent their off days completing service projects targeting homelessness, illiteracy and health in major U.S. cities and in Haiti through Howard’s alternative spring break program.

“I have good friends who have told me that it is a life-changing experience, and I went on the trip and I couldn’t agree more,” Freedom Murphy, a junior from Atlanta, told

Ebony Magazine Visit École Herve Romain School In Port-Au-Prince, Haiti


Courtesy of Ebony Magazine Instagram

EBONY Magazine visited École Herve Romain, a school in Port-au-Prince’s red zone run by charity organization Edeyo.
JetBlue Airlines along with Wings of Help donated books, laptops, wifi and clothing.
Photo by Toya Menzie.

Courtesy of Ebony Magazine Instagram

Via Ebony Magazine, Author Mireille B. Lauture donated and read her collection of books to the students of École Herve Romain in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
The books feature stories passed down from the author’s 93 year old mother.
They are written in Creole, English and French all on the same page.
Photo by Toya Menzie.

On Good Friday, Haitians Eat Fish?


When I was growing up my mother always told said on good Friday we eat fish and absolutely no meat! She said it’s a long-standing Haitian tradition and since I love all of her fish dishes, I didn’t mine. As I scroll through the social networks today, it looks as if a  lot of my Haitian people are also eating fish throughout the country.

After posting this story a lot of Haitians fans and followers respond and say not all Haitians eat fish, which I’m sure of, but its nice to learn what others things they eat. One of my readers  Marcda Luc responded and said some Haitians don’t eat anything and others only eat bread and water.”

Here is my favorite fish dish made at my house. Yum!!!

MrsWanda – Lunionsuite – Fish Mai Moulin

And according to CompassionBlog, the families in Haiti are also eating fish today in preparation for Easter.

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Haitian American Artist Tracy Guiteau “Fine, Art & Fashion”


Remember the artist who drew this beautiful picture of me, here is some more information about her and her artwork.

Taste of Singer Island” Opening Event – March 27, 2014

With an innate desire to create beautiful things, New York born Tracy Guiteau headed for Providence Rhode Island to attend the renowned Rhode Island School Design where she received a BFA degree in Fashion Design in 2007. During her training at RISD she traveled internationally to learn, broaden her artistic experience in the arts of fashion at the University of Westminster in London.  Guiteau has been working on her artistic voice since 1985.

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Picture of The Day: Actor Jimmy Jean Louis With President Martelly


Haitian Actor Jimmy Jean Louis posted this picture on his instagram in Haiti with the caption:

“Great Ceremony today after a painful Sunday. President Michel Martelly, Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe”

Photo Credit: @JimmyJeanLouis

Haitian American Sandy Isaac’s Inspiring Weight Loss Journey by Franchesca Fontus

photo1I met Sandy through our mutual friend Franchesca in 2012 and even with her soft spoken,  sweet and positive personality two of my favorite things about her was her fashion sense and the way she wore her beautiful natural hair.  Standing at 5’7,  tall, fit and occasionally models, who would have ever guessed she struggled with her weight. So when she told me about her story and the article written by Franchesca,  I almost thought she was joking, but there was nothing funny about the obstacles she had to overcome to be who is is today and I’m not just talking about her outer appearance.

After reading her story and seeing the great way she continue to stay in shape and healthy, I want  to share her story with you in hopes  of inspiring any of my readers who are also on a weight loss journey to never give up.

“Eating to your Health” – A Healthy Lifestyle Journey Written by Franchesca  Fontus

IMG_0167.JPGAs a young child weight issues were never identified as a struggle for Sandy Isaac. It wasn’t until around the age of 10, after spending the summer in the beautiful island of St. Martin that she had gained a significant amount of weight. Prior to entering high school, weight didn’t impact Sandy much in a negative way. She was often seen as the “chubby girl”, but in her Caribbean culture heavier women are embraced and frequented compliments for having shapely bodies, even at a young age. She didn’t see herself as overweight, but knew that deep down inside she was not comfortable with her size.


In 2011, Sandy had reached her maximum weight of 200lbs. at an average height of 5’7”. This was considered obese and she felt like something needed to be done for primarily her health. Aside from weight issues, Sandy had dealt with embarrassing body acne.

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Thank You To Haitian Artist Tracy Guiteau For This Beautiful Picture

Wanda Art

You know you are doing something good when people do such amazing things for you without asking. When i logged on instagram last week and saw this picture, I was shock at what a great job the artist did and the thought that someone would even think to do this for me. This is actually the second artist who has drown and send me a picture of my face. I will have to post the other artist soon.

What touched my heart the most was her inspiring caption:

Instagram @guiteauart: “This woman @lunionsuite has educated thousands (including myself) about the beauty roots of my Haitian culture. Stay connected with Mrs. Wanda and L’Union Suite follow her on Lunionsuite.

See more of her work at

Picture Of The Day: St.Vincent School for the Handicap in Port-au-Prince

haitian kids

Don’t you hate when they don’t specify what camera to look at first. #Lunionsuite

Good morning from these cuties at St.Vincent School for the Handicap in Port-au-Prince.

Photo credit via Instagram: @bluphiv

Actress Garcelle Beauvais “From Haiti to Hollywood, Dreams Really Come True”

Picture Courtesy of Garcelle Beauvais Facebook Page

Picture Courtesy of Garcelle Beauvais Facebook Page

Beautiful Haitian actress, model, author  and mother  Garcelle Beauvais posted this picture on Facebook Saturday with the caption “From Haiti to Hollywood. Dreams really do come true!” and as I logged in to post the picture, I just realized I haven’t posted a formal biography of one of our favorite Haitian ambassadors. Reading her biography is truly inspiring, I hope her story will inspire you to keep dreaming because they do some true.

According to Starpulse:

Garcelle Beauvais was born in St. Marc, Haiti on Nov. 28, 1966 to father Axel Beauvais, an attorney, and mother, Marie Claire. After her parents’ divorce, Marie Claire moved seven-year-old Garcelle and her six siblings stateside, to the chilly climes of Massachusetts. Initially suffering from massive culture shock, Beauvais, who did not speak a word of English, began to pick up the language from shows like “Sesame Street” (PBS, 1969- ), while her mother attended nursing school in an effort to provide for her children.

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Meet Haitian Apparel Designer Pascal Louis & His “Marron” Line


My name is Pascal Pierre Louis and I am a photographer and fashion designer. I was born in Port-au-Prince, the second of three boys. Being raised in a modest household in Haiti, I often relied on my creativity and imagination to make toys by using anything around from telephone wires, cereal boxes, to used cans of food.I read somewhere, “The creative adult is a child who survived”, and I consider myself living proof. Once I migrated to the United States as an adult I went from making toys to designing my own clothes.Hence the birth of, Marron, my clothing line.

Marron is French for Marroon. It’s the name that slaves owner gave to runaways, so to me anyone who has the courage to stand up against what is not right it’s a Marron. Boukman Duty, Toussaint Louverture, Nelson Mandela, DR King , Jean Michel Basquiat etc were all MARRONS Being a South Florida resident among a vast Haitian community, I wanted to represent my heritage in a very unique and stylish way. Since I started the brand last year I received a lot of support among my peers.

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Be Back Soon…I’m Headed To Haiti

So Guess What???

I’m finally going to Haiti but the sad thing is I’m going due to a death in my family and after such a devastating lost this trip will not be planned as the  dream trip I’ve imagined the last 27 years. I do ask that you say a prayer for my family and I through these trying times.

Although it’s not the way i would have wanted to visit,  I’m still happy to be going and happy about the opportunity of snapping my own pictures and bringing back Haiti through my eyes. You guys know how much I love pictures so ill probably have enough for the rest of the year.

I will not be able to post on the blog, but I’ve scheduled a few post to appear on TheHaitianAmerican Facebook page and I might get a chance here and there to  post live pictures of my trip on my instagram (@mrswanda)  and my personal Facebook while I’m gone. In the meantime, everyone have a safe week, and don’t forget to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you, life is truly so very short.